Pool apartments

With a range of different apartments to choose from, picking the perfect spot for your squad couldn’t be easier! 

Step into our apartments where a chill yet upscale feel is the vibe, it gives you the perfect mix of privacy, with cool hangout spots for you and your crew as well as the option to party beside other Dropzone ravers… who knows, you might just meet your next rave BFF by the pool! 

Apartments are focused on community – so partying is a guaranteed and you’ll be staying in a complex with other hardstyle lovers. 

Check-in is super easy in the heart of Novalja, and our team will drive you to your apartments when you arrive. No stress, and straight into partying! 

Apartment options include those with a pool, and those without. If you want to make friends and stay close to other ravers or hang with your besties and stay in the same complex, this is a great choice.
There’s even an option to have your own private pool, making this the perfect hangout for large groups.


Payment plan available on the next step – pay DEPOSIT ONLY and rest in 3 monthly instalments 

Flying to Split or Zadar? Make sure to choose CHEAPEST and direct shared airport transfers to Novalja (Split 55 euro one way, Zadar 35 euro)

Secure Boat Party Tickets in advance! We’ve prepared amazing boat parties and they ALWAYS sell out!

Available packages:

We’re here to help

Looking for a custom Holiday Package or you have a special request for a lager group? Please send us an inquiry & we will be glad to help you out.

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