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You can get to the Island of Pag – Dropzone easily by plane, car, ferry or an airport transfer.


Getting around the island, including transfers to and from the festival.


It’s always the last thing that’s thought about when planning a vacation but it can make or break the beginning of your holiday.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination without a plan – but we’ve got you covered.

Our prices are lower than booking with other vendors – so that means more money in your pocket for cocktails poolside. 

For all transfer types, please aim to land at least 60 minutes before your planned transfer time – this will allow for baggage waiting times and immigration if you are traveling from outside the EU.

Private Transfers

  • Tailored for your preferences
  • Accommodates up to 8 people 
  • Travel from the airport directly to your chosen accommodation.
  • Travel in comfort with your own crew 
  • Departing and returning to all major airports in Croatia
  • Travel from Split Airport, Zadar Airport, Rijeka Airport and Zagreb Airport
  • Transfer time from airports to Dropzone: Zadar Airport – approximately 1 hour, Split Airport approximately 2.5 hours

Shared Transfers

  • The most cost effective option
  • Great for groups or solo travelers 
  • Travel from Zadar Airport or Split Airport to Novalja
  • Travel with other Dropzone partygoers 
  • Get the party started as soon as you step off the flight – listen to hardstyle music on the journey and connect with other Dropzone ravers 
  • Transfer time from airports to Dropzone: Zadar Airport – approximately 1.5 hour, Split Airport approximately 3 hours

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Like with other major airports around the world, Taxi and Uber drivers often charge a premium for airport transfers. This can set you and your crew back hundreds of Euros before you’ve even stepped foot on the island. 

Often pre-booked transfers may not wait for you if your flight is extremely delayed.

Dropzone transfers guarantee you a safe journey, even if your flight is delayed. With no hidden fuel or mile fees – so it’s always the most cost effective and simple way to get to Dropzone festival. 

Public buses: Are available but do not offer a direct routing to Novalja. You will first need to stop in a major city (Split, Zagreb, Zadar) then another direct bus to Novalja. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time for an allocated time slot and will mean you will share the transfer with other members of the public including holiday makers, locals and families. 

Please be aware during the summer season bus tickets sell out and buses are often crowded, as well as unpredictable changes due to high traffic.

Busses do not run before 8:00am or after 20:00, please take this into consideration when planning your travel. 

Check our Flight Watch

In order to make your trip as carefree as possible, we have created a special Flight Tracker to provide you with all possible flights from airports such as Zadar & Split for the best possible price around and during Dropzone.


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