Island transfers

Info about getting around the island, including transfers to and from the festival

BUS: Areas such as Novalja and Stara Novalja are conveniently located close to the Zrce Beach party zone via local buses.

The bus makes a frequent round trip from Novalja to Zrce Beach day and night and the timetable can be found here: (coming soon).

CAR: If you have your own car, and prefer to drive to and from Zrce Beach, there is ample parking right outside the clubs. Parking rate is charged per hour or a full day rate via Zrce Beach parking attendants.

Street parking is limited in Novalja city center. If you wish to go for lunch or dinner,  research the closest places to park. Street parking is usually metred around the city center, so keep an eye out for parking meters and local rates.

UBER: Uber is available in Novalja and is a good and safe option if you are not within walking distance to shops, restaurants and beaches. Uber has their own local rates which are often cheaper than taxi rates, check the Uber app for updated prices.

TAXI: Taxi’s are readily available around Novalja and Zrce Beach. They are a good and safe option. Always ask the driver the cost of your trip, and state if you wish to pay by card at the beginning of your trip. 

In party and tourist spots around the world, taxi drivers have been known to inflate prices – it can be a possibility in Croatia as well.

SCOOTER: Scooter rentals are available at many locations around Novalja if you have a drivers license and can be an easy solution for 1-2 people traveling to and from Zrce Beach, or for short trips around Novalja (think: going the the beach, collecting groceries, going for dinner) 

There are many companies to choose from, but as a rule of thumb – choose a reputable one with good reviews, check over your scooter and helmet before driving away. If you have issues, you can call the company and they will come to assist you. 

Just like with a car – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a punishable offense in Croatia so be sure not to operate a scooter or motorbike in that circumstance and always wear a helmet.

WALK: Croatia is a very safe country, including night times. Of course it’s always important to exercise caution when walking around in any foreign place, especially alone. However, if your accommodation is within walking distance to restaurants, bars and shops – walking is the easiest and better yet – its free!